Reopening Hopefully Very Soon!

Temple Family,
During these difficult days we have endeavored to keep our people safe. This meant we were forced to hold church, “on-line.” It has been a good experience as we have been able to minister to many people across our area, state, country and world. The downside of this has been not being able to gather “together” as a church. More than you know I desire to meet in person again. I greatly miss you, and I miss the live experience of church.
With much prayer, I have sought the Lord, and counsel of others, concerning the right time to fully open the doors. As a Pastor, I stand in the middle of conflicting cries from people who all have an opinion. However, there is only one I must ultimately listen to, and that is our Lord.
Our President has given the “green light” for churches to begin holding services, which is a very good. However, there are still some things that are unclear, and many things which must be in place to hold services. We have been working on this for a few weeks, but with all this being such a fluid situation, there are still some precautions we need to set in place.
We are all anxious to begin holding regular services again, this is my heart, too. I am aware other churches may be opening tomorrow, but for Temple, we need to, and will, proceed with caution before we have a fully open service. I appreciate your patience and heart to be together as a church family, and we will be fully open very soon. With this said, tomorrow morning, 5/24/20, Patty and I will be at church to view the online broadcast.
Anxious to see you again soon,