Reopening Hopefully Very Soon!

Temple Family,
During these difficult days we have endeavored to keep our people safe. This meant we were forced to hold church, “on-line.” It has been a good experience as we have been able to minister to many people across our area, state, country and world. The downside of this has been not being able to gather “together” as a church. More than you know I desire to meet in person again. I greatly miss you, and I miss the live experience of church.
With much prayer, I have sought the Lord, and counsel of others, concerning the right time to fully open the doors. As a Pastor, I stand in the middle of conflicting cries from people who all have an opinion. However, there is only one I must ultimately listen to, and that is our Lord.
Our President has given the “green light” for churches to begin holding services, which is a very good. However, there are still some things that are unclear, and many things which must be in place to hold services. We have been working on this for a few weeks, but with all this being such a fluid situation, there are still some precautions we need to set in place.
We are all anxious to begin holding regular services again, this is my heart, too. I am aware other churches may be opening tomorrow, but for Temple, we need to, and will, proceed with caution before we have a fully open service. I appreciate your patience and heart to be together as a church family, and we will be fully open very soon. With this said, tomorrow morning, 5/24/20, Patty and I will be at church to view the online broadcast.
Anxious to see you again soon,

A Week of Prayer-

Temple Family…
Prayer is an important part of our lives, and in these trying days, people are praying. This Thursday, May 7 is established as the “National Day of Prayer.” Since I know you are a praying person, I want to encourage you to make this a “Week of Prayer.” I’m calling on you to set your alarm to remind you to pray at a specific time each day, beginning today through Saturday.  

Our focus will be on II Chron. 7:13-15. In vs. 14 we find:

4 Things We Must Do…

1. “Humble ourselves”
   – Humility is admitting our sin and acknowledging our needs. We turn from our pride. We ask God to break the pride of our nation.

2. “Pray”
   – Blanket our nation with prayer.   

3. “Seek My face”
   – Worship Him/Ask Him to turn His face with favor.
   – Pray the prayer of Numb. 6:24-26

4. “Turn from their wicked ways”
   – Our nation is filled with sins that grieve Holy God. Pray for a spirit of
repentance/revival across the church/nation that we will not just ACKNOWLEDGE our sins, but TURN from them.
   – Ask God what He desires you to turn from.

God’s Promises…

1. “I will hear from heaven”
   – Pray believing God will be faithful as we do as He instructs.

2. “I will forgive their sins”
   – Pray for a tidal wave of His forgiveness as we turn to Him.
   – Pray for people to embrace Christ for forgiveness.
   – Pray for a spiritual awakening and to “see as God sees.”

3. “I will heal their land!”
   – Pray for a healing across our state/nation/world.
   – Pray for a profound/visible healing in ways that would be recognized as only GOD could do such a thing, and glory/praise be given to Him.

Set your phone alarm to remind you to pray at a set time every day, beginning today through Saturday.   

>> Who will join me? <<

Online Giving Now Available!

As we search for new and innovative ways to continue functioning as normal as possible. We have enabled Online Giving as an option for you to give your Tithes and Offerings. If you wish, you may continue mailing in a physical check or donate through our safe and secure giving web-portal with your checking account or credit/ debit cards. You can give a one time gift or set up recurring gifts. You will be able to review your online giving history with your account login. This is an easy way for us to continue to financially support the ministries and missionaries of Temple Baptist Church. To check out giving options click on [Give].

COVID-19 Update 3/20/20

Temple Family,

These are trying times for everyone as things are changing at such a rapid pace. It seems panic and fear are in control of the hearts of many. The corona virus should not be a reign of terror in our hearts, but rather a time for our faith, in God, to grow. Paranoia should not control us, but God should. We should be able to have confidence in the God who neither slumbers nor sleeps. The one thing that keeps us grounded is that none of this is a surprise to God.

Governor Pritzker just issued a “shelter in place” order until April 7. This will create even more inconvenience, but it does not prevent you from being able to shop for food. If you have needs, please let me know and we will do our best to help you.

The church is not the building, it is an experience we share as believers. So for the time being there must be some changes to the way we operate. For the time being, we will use Face Book as a platform to inform and encourage you. There you will find a live stream to a Sunday service, as well as daily verses for you to read and discuss with family. We want you to view these and make encouraging comments that will be of help to others.

We will also be sending text messages and making phone calls to check on you.

As disruptive as all this may be, it is an opportunity to point people to Christ. Instead of focusing on the “fear” of the virus, let’s be ready to tell all who ask the reason for the “hope” that lies within us (I Pet. 3:15). We may not be able to meet together for Bible lessons and prayer, but it does not keep us from our Bible and prayer.

There are many unanswerable questions at this time, but our God sees, knows and is in control. Where can we go from His presence? How should we respond in this time of uncertainty? Let us do the following:

– Turn to God and pray for…

    * One another

    * Those in authority

    * Dr’s and Scientists to have wisdom/ knowledge/ understanding for a cure

    * Unsaved for their spiritual eyes of understanding to be opened

    * Lessons we need to learn to be learned quickly.

– Keep your heart and mind set on the Lord…

    * Don’t let the evil one give you a heart of fear

    * Allow the Spirit of God to rule in your heart.

– Maintain contact with those of your church family

    * We may be apart for now, but in spirit we are one.

– Since spring is here… now you can remember…we’re one day closer to resuming some normalcy!

I would encourage you to take a moment right now and read Philippians 4:4-9.