A Week of Prayer-

Temple Family…
Prayer is an important part of our lives, and in these trying days, people are praying. This Thursday, May 7 is established as the “National Day of Prayer.” Since I know you are a praying person, I want to encourage you to make this a “Week of Prayer.” I’m calling on you to set your alarm to remind you to pray at a specific time each day, beginning today through Saturday.  

Our focus will be on II Chron. 7:13-15. In vs. 14 we find:

4 Things We Must Do…

1. “Humble ourselves”
   – Humility is admitting our sin and acknowledging our needs. We turn from our pride. We ask God to break the pride of our nation.

2. “Pray”
   – Blanket our nation with prayer.   

3. “Seek My face”
   – Worship Him/Ask Him to turn His face with favor.
   – Pray the prayer of Numb. 6:24-26

4. “Turn from their wicked ways”
   – Our nation is filled with sins that grieve Holy God. Pray for a spirit of
repentance/revival across the church/nation that we will not just ACKNOWLEDGE our sins, but TURN from them.
   – Ask God what He desires you to turn from.

God’s Promises…

1. “I will hear from heaven”
   – Pray believing God will be faithful as we do as He instructs.

2. “I will forgive their sins”
   – Pray for a tidal wave of His forgiveness as we turn to Him.
   – Pray for people to embrace Christ for forgiveness.
   – Pray for a spiritual awakening and to “see as God sees.”

3. “I will heal their land!”
   – Pray for a healing across our state/nation/world.
   – Pray for a profound/visible healing in ways that would be recognized as only GOD could do such a thing, and glory/praise be given to Him.

Set your phone alarm to remind you to pray at a set time every day, beginning today through Saturday.   

>> Who will join me? <<